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About Me 

I started my consulting company when I was 23 years old, my first daughter was just born, and I was finishing graduate school.  Since then, I’ve learned many things over the past few decades owning a business and working in several manufacturing facilities, from mom and pop operations to major international companies.  

I love business and I’m always fascinated and curious how different management styles operate and what I’ve noticed is how psychology effects so many of these companies.  I decided that I wanted to bring a better understanding of psychology to the workplace so I went back to school and got certified to be a coach.  Here are some things I’ve learned over the past two decades working with all levels of employees within a company and running my own business:    

  • Problems do not go away when you leave the office and this can take a toll on your health and family life. 
  • People will judge you for how you manage no matter how good of a leader you are so you just need to learn to let that go.  How people feel about you is none of your business and its more about what’s going on with them and their perceptions on life, the quicker you learn this the easier it will be to lead. 
  •  There is no problem or obstacle you can’t face or overcome with the right resources. 
  • Making knee jerk reactions can not only cost you employees it can cost you millions of dollars in your business. 
  • How you communicate to your employees and allow their voices to be heard can effect the company morale, production and bottom line.
  • Understanding how the psychology of the workplace is like learning a superpower, you will never look at problems, challenges, employee relations, time management, overwhelm, the same way again and you will increase company morale and profits.    
  •  It doesn’t take an expensive management system or software or lots of time to change the dynamics of the company, it only takes your willingness to learn and do the work. If you give me the opportunity, I will change your life and the life of your company.