About Me

I’m strong, resilient and decisive and I will coach you how to be as well.

I’m going to coach you to be a confident leader that can handle anything you face in your professional and personal life.

Once you learn these skills you can earn more money, get the results you want and enjoy your life.

I’ve worked in industry for nearly 25 years and had my own environmental, safety consulting company for over 21 years.

I have a passion for business and enjoy going into different companies and observe how they run and seeing the different dynamics involved in each company.

My job has given me the privilege to work with everyone at a company from the lowest paid person to the highest paid and you learn a lot.

Each company has its own unspoken language within it and I’ve seen how important the interactions between employees and management is in order for the company to thrive. 

When you see how different companies handle problems and challenges within it you can see how a little bit of a shift in communication or viewing and resolving a problem in a slightly different way could have change the moral and bottom line of the company. 

It is why I went back and became a certified Life Coach at The Life Coach School, I wanted to bring a better understanding of psychology to the workplace. 

I know that if business leaders understood how to manage what’s going on in their brains and make decisions from a clean place then they could increase profits and create a workplace employees want to work in.

I’ve seen too many companies make knee jerk reactions from a place of panic to a problem which cost the company lots of money and employee morale diminished along which directly impacts production. 

I believe if business leaders understand the psychology of the workplace not only can they become better leaders they can improve their lives both professionally and personally and the lives of their employees.