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One on One Coaching

Number of Weeks:  24

Session Length: 45 minutes

The Investment: $6000

Payment Options: $6000 for one-time only payment or monthly payment of $1050

How are sessions conducted?  In person (Tulsa, OK area) or on Zoom

Other Features:  Weekly videos explaining important concepts and tools that will teach you how to solve nearly any problem you face in your professional and personal life.      

Supplemental information and resources tailored to issues you and your company may need.  

I will be available in between sessions by phone or text to help you with any issues you have.  

Your are not buying hours or sessions, you are buying a result.  We will work together as often and as much as needed to get you there. 

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Team Classes

Management training classes that teaches concepts used in one on one coaching.  

Team coaching and brainstorming sessions that use coaching concepts to tackle company issues and resolutions.  

Also provide supplemental videos and worksheets used in coaching and training.  

Cost:  TBD based on company need.  

What will be different once you achieve your result? 

You will never look at problems within your company and personal life the same way again.

You will be able to understand human nature more on a deeper level and think differently why people do what they do and a better understanding of the psychology behind it. 

You will be able to handle stress differently.

You will learn to be more efficient with your time.

You will make decisions with a clear head instead of  a place of panic or by knee jerk reactions.

You will lead your team with more confidence and get your message across in a new way. 

You will improve company morale which can improve productivity and the bottom line.  

You will have more balance in you professional and personal life.

Why is the financial investment worth it?

It improves your life by making you feel less overwhelmed and stressed. 

It also helps you and your company look at your problems in a different way and solve them. 

It helps improve employee relations and morale which increased productivity and the bottom line. 

With time management tools you are able to accomplish more in less amount of time.